Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Allow myself to introduce...myself

My, oh my, here we are.  Still under construction, still in need of revision, but finally here. (whew, ain't just whistlin' dixie with that one...)

This is my blog, called Creative Laurels. I've thought about doing this for a long time - this whole "writing for the void" thing.  Honestly I'm not too sure what has made me start now, but if I think about it too much I'll lose my momentum, so for now I'm just going with it.

| Why? |

For a while I've felt pressured to create my own website, especially since I'm a musician. Evidently you're not really doing anything unless you're posting it on a website to tell everybody about it. I suppose there is some truth to that, but as a person who spends most of her time buried in fabric, a pattern, a crossword puzzle, or a marimba or piano, I have always given that idea a big "pssh" and continued on in my old-lady ways. Some people are totally jazzed about this whole interwebs thing, but I've never really been that way, so you can imagine my surprise at one day deciding to create not only one but THREE, yes, THREE! blogs, one for each of my loves: music, sewing, and writing. 

| Why these expressions? |

Music will always be my first love. It's limitless, endless, and a musician's work is never done. We can't get bored because there are centuries worth of reasons not to. But at the same time, the work is never done.  No matter what concert or performance I'm finishing, that feeling of accomplishment only lasts for about 30 minutes, and then I'm already thinking about what I could have played better, what project I want to do next, what new pieces I want to learn.  It is a lifelong pursuit, one that I am taking on as a marimbist and a pianist. I shall never be bored.

Sewing, on the other hand, gives the satisfaction of a completed, tactile project after hours of work. I can look at a finished dress and feel the difference all the careful fitting has made. I can look at the stripes I spent so much time lining up and breathe a sigh of relief that they haven't stretched out of place.  I can look at the cute little potholders I made for my sister and be giddy with happiness at making a gift for someone else.  Once I discovered the wealth of fabulous sewing blogs on the internet, like sewaholic.net, what was once a hobby became a (healthy) obsession.  I feel like I've put myself through a little sewing gauntlet by making my own wedding dress this past August, therefore I shall share my sewing projects. (Because, for some reason, I now feel like I know enough to not look a-fool.)  I have a piece in progress now- should be done tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Writing, to me, is a combination of abstract and tactile expression. I feel a sense of completion once an idea is "out" onto paper, but I also feel free to revise it at any time. I have always loved writing but am somewhat blissfully ignorant of what makes "good" writing "good."  I intend to keep it that way. ;)

I'm still constructing the foundations for each blog, but check back soon! I'm pretty stoked about this whole adventure, so I hope you, the void, will take it with me. :)