Sunday, February 22, 2015

Made! - Vogue 1246

This week, in WV, an entire week of classes were cancelled due to about 16 inches of snowfall.  While my coworkers said they were bored at home, I was beyond excited to have time to make something new and not feel bad that I wasn't at school working!

Here's my new tunic/kimono!!

I used Vogue 1246, a Lynn Mizono pattern. I love the length, ease, and quietly noble collar. I made View A.

Why didn't I get the sass gene? 

This project was one of my favorite types: a use the stash project.  I got to use up three scraps of fabric: blue snowflakes, medium blue flowers, and plain white cotton.

I was a bit short on the blue snowflake fabric, which I wanted to use as the main fabric for the garment. So, I would up piecing in bits of the floral fabric on the back. I don't mind it, although I do wish I didn't have to do it.

note to self: dress form's shoulders are slightly wider than mine
I used plain white cotton for the facings, mostly because I didn't want to waste the precious snowflakes on the inside of the garment!

The pattern calls for self-bindings on the neck and armholes, which you can see below.

French seams at the shoulders and side seams, too.

I ended up cutting a mix of different sizes for my tunic:
- neckline and shoulder width: 10
- length: 8 (with an inch added above the waist for the long torso)
- garment width: 6?? (I ended up taking 1/2" from each side seam, resulting in about 2 inches overall)

Now onto one of my favorite parts of the design --- the sleeves!
They have these lovely mitered corners on the ends, and one of them folds up onto the sleeve and is secured with a button. Button.

This button was made in Holland! I changed thread from neutral white to a pretty blue for the buttonhole.

I'm wearing this new top with my Ginger jeans, of course! Which reminds me, I need to get to the gym.  Oy.

Though I know we need to resume class at the university, I really wouldn't mind a few more snow days to make another garment!! Come on, snow! But immediately afterwards 70 degree weather and lots of sun because the Season Affective Disorder is going to get the best of me...

Thank goodness for the sweet husband who tries to make me laugh. :)