Saturday, June 13, 2015

Made! - Vogue 1340, version 2

Here is my second version of Vogue 1340, a Pamella Roland design that I love for its detail and simplicity.

Not sure when my legs developed such a turn out, but umm... there it is.

Though this is the second time I've made this pattern, it still baffles me a little bit in terms of fit. I remember having to take in quite a bit last time, so this time I cut a smaller size, but I guess I didn't grade correctly through the entire pattern. A size 10 bust should fit, but it would have been much too tight were it not for the architectural pleat at the top of the right bodice.

Here's a clearer picture of it, and a better view of the delicate floral design of the fabric.

Drag lines from the bust to waist tell me that I need more room, but I'll fix that next time around, cause I didn't have the patience to deal with it this time around.
I like how crisply this cotton presses into pleats, rather then becoming a soppy mess of fabric, like my first version.

Just for posterity, here's a photo of version 1.

It's a completely different color palette, but still floral. I guess I subconsciously think this pattern fits floral designs.  I can't help but notice I was also visiting the gym more frequently at the time of version 1. Photos don't lie. (Sadly.)

I lined version 2 in budget-friendly grey lining fabric, which turns out to be complementary to the small grey embroidered dots on the fashion fabric.  I think I bought maybe 5 yards of this grey stuff on super clearance, and haven't regretted it for a moment.

In case you were wondering, it is really difficult to put a fitted garment over a dress form with the lining on the outside.  Like, almost impossible to accomplish. I think the inside of this dress is beautiful. The slight curve to the bottom of the neckline facing is really flattering...I've wondered about colorblocking the front of the dress in this manner...we'll see! I can't imagine making version 3 anytime soon, but only time will tell.
I also said I'd never get a cat, and look at how that turned out.


I sewed a label to the back lining before attaching the lining and bodice together at the waistline seam. Thankful I was gifted an assortment of colors, as I was able to find a nice grey and white label for the inside of this dress.

If you can see the zipper at the ridge edge of the photo, you'll notice it's purple. But it's not just any's "Laurel" purple. Don't believe me???

Overall the fit of this dress doesn't have as much ease as it needs, but I found it difficult to guess how much I could have and still maintain the fitted look that I think this sort of silhouette needs. The bodice is probably closer to my exact measurements than it should be, but I find comfort in knowing that I can zip the thing without worrying it will rip open. It isn't that tight. ;)  (But still, gotta get back to the gym!)

Side view, showing the pulls that broadcast my grading mistakes to the entire world. {le sigh}

This is dress is beautiful from the side though, something not all designs have in common.

I would probably wear this dress with heels, dried hair, and jewelry...but these photos came right after a run and a shower, so flip flops and wet hair is what you get, hahahahahaha

I'm contemplating on wearing this dress next week during the marimba competition on the one day I know I won't be performing. Even if I don't wear this, I'll wear something I've made, as it makes me feel confident. And you need that at a competition! 

Wish me luck!! <3