Saturday, April 1, 2017

Made! - Vogue 1516

When you're a professional musician, there's no such thing as enough black in your wardrobe.  Concert black is something I put on weekly, and even on days when I'm not performing, black-on-black is something that will always make you look matter what, and is therefore a go-to when getting dressed in the morning.

Super-awesome flowy top courtesy of my mom on my 30th birthday.
Growing tired of my usual fare of black skirt or trousers, I decided to make myself something more unique! A pair of satin cigarette ankle-length pants.  I purchased Vogue 1516 for the pants as well as View B, the layered top, which I look forward to sewing!

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Vogue 1516 - Views B and D

The pattern is drafted for woven material, which is what I planned to use. There's a natural challenge here, as you have to decide if you want the pants to look great standing up or be comfortable sitting down.  Unless there's stretch in the material, you have to choose. Alas, alack, that's how it is.

My locally purchased crepe back satin is of high quality and zero stretch.  Knowing I was making these pants for collaborative piano performances I opted for the comfy-while-sitting fit. As a result, they are rather loose when standing.  In some ways I worry they make me look wider on the bottom than I actually am, but I love how well they fit when I sit down to play.  I know they look slightly shimmery on stage, and that they look like they fit really well - because they do!  I used the "wrong" side as the "right" side, because there's Oh look, they're shiny! and then there's Oh.....look. They're shiny.

In my efforts to not overfit, the waist is a tad bit more loose than I'd normally like. But, again, when I sit (and the belly, you know..."relaxes" they aren't too tight, which means sitting through an hour [or more] of playing is comfortable.  Always a plus.

I really like this design, and will make them again out of a material with stretch, so I can fit them a bit more.

I'm a fan of the seam running down the back of the leg.  It affords some nuanced fitting and looks great.  In the satin it provides a simple detail that adds to the "expensive factor."  I'm not one that cares if her clothes look expensive, as I'm of the mindset that if it fits, it's going to look expensive, but I do like when pattern, material, and fit really work together.

Husband helped take these photos when I got home from playing a recital for two clarinetists.  Nothing like a little Hindemith on a Saturday afternoon. (Musical inside joke, sorry.)


Look at them shoes!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing like a great clearance find, right?!

And for anyone really paying attention, yes! I cut my hair!  I make a tri-annual donation to Locks of Love. This time I donated 12 inches, and my hair has already grown quite a bit in the few weeks since I cut it.  My hair grows really fast. Like, disturbingly fast.  I figure the best thing to do with it is let it do its thing and then donate it to hopefully make a positive difference.

I'd like to find more things that help others, but there's only so many hours in a day. Looking forward to summer when I'll be able to make more of a difference!