Sunday, June 29, 2014

Made! - The Suanna

Suanna is a wrap maxi skirt, made up from the mind of moi.

Suanna is:

     - pattern free
     - zipper free
     - measurement free (aka NO MATH)
     - casual OR dressy, depending on the top and accessories

Shown here with a white V-neck, appropriate for those church gigs.

Maxi length really shows off a print. In fact, you can wear this skirt forwards or backwards!!

Wait. How do you say that?

Suanna?  It's pronounced (soo - Anna).

Suanna is a dedicated to one of my dearest friends, Anna.  Always observant, always honest, and now always a sweet momma to an adorable little boy named Liam. My middle name is Sue, so "Suanna" combines those two things - Sue and Anna. Our friendship is real: we've been inseparable and we've been separated. Now we've reconnected and I am immensely grateful and happy for that. She was the only person outside my family to know I eloped before I told the world on Facebook.


In all honesty, I bought this blindingly amazing print with the intention of making some trendy retro-inspired floaty shorts. But once I washed it and was pressing it, I paused. Draped across my ironing board in all its colorful glory I realized immediately that I would be crazy to cut it! I had to let the colors and pattern breathe and float as they were so clearly destined to do. 

Wrapping the fabric around my body and investigating in the mirror, the fabric felt dreamy - so luxurious, so soft.  
"Do I have a maxi pattern?" I thought. The truth is, I didn't even want to cut into the pattern at all! Any pattern was out, as I wasn't going to hack up a gorgeous print and then try desperately to match it up again for a waistband or side seams. What's the point of that? 
So then the answer was clear: MAKE IT UP.

And that's what I did. 

It isn't perfect, but for a first-time adventure I'm really pleased.

Floaty goodness.

Posing with the crab apple tree in our NEW backyard. We moved a week and a half ago.

Remember I said she was reversible? Here's Suanna with the wrap and knot pulled around to the back!, that's not my rustoleum pinto in the background. Previous owner left that. He's got a month before it becomes a flower garden. Or a stress reliever. (Sledge hammers at Lowe's are $29.)

This version is more formal, I think, as the carefree element is pulled out of sight. Whenever I wear it like this I will simply safety pin the wrap part shut so as to not, you know, get arrested. ;)

In case you've been wondering about this little crop top - I made it, too! 

The Nettie Crop Top

This lovely seafoam knit has served me well. Not only did I make this top, but I made another 3/4 sleeve Nettie that I haven't even blogged about yet. 

Just so everybody knows, NEVER IN MY LIFE have I worn a crop top before. And in all honesty, I had this one on for about 25 minutes.  I took these photos (with the help of husband) and then I repotted my bromeliad and potted a new aloe vera plant. Random, but true.  (Amy Gollins and Momma Gollins, be proud of me.)

Instructions on how to crop Nettie are everywhere, from the designer's blog to others around the interwebs. I did widen the top straps, as it helps cover the bra. I slightly raised the front and back necklines, mostly to balance the cropped length. There must be some form of modesty, yes? (Says the woman posting photos of herself all over the internet...)

This outfit makes me feel strong and feminine, my favorite feelings to get from an outfit. It's detailed without being fussy, and makes me not take myself too seriously. I like that. And I certainly need help in that department from time to time. This outfit makes me think I need a glass of chardonnay at a sidewalk cafe in a big city. No matter, a drink on the WV backporch with the Ford Rustoleum will have to do...

The future of Suanna

I imagine I may make a few more of these little ladies before the summer is out. I'm contemplating about writing a step-by-step post with pictures of how I did it, if anybody else wants to try to make one. Seriously, guys. If you can sew in a straight line, you can make a Suanna! 

In all reality, I'll probably make that post regardless of whether or not it seems like there's interest. But, if you want to know the details just leave a comment below or on Facebook. If there's enough interest in it I may do a Sew-Along for Suanna. We'll just have to see!!

PS - many lovely ladies wondered about the magical strapless bra I mentioned a few posts ago... info to come on that :)