Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sister Presents

One of the joys of realizing the fabric stash is out of hand is that I start making presents for people.  Sometimes they fit and sometimes they don't, but it makes me happy to try to make gifts for those I love.

One of those people is my sister. I've made her many things over the years, but only recently did she admit that some of them don't fit. Eek! Thankfully, she's more assertive than I am, and what I would have taken 5 years to muster up the courage to say she did in less than a year. She's a Scorpio, so it isn't that surprising.

Armed with this information, I set off on a quest to make her things that she would like and that would fit.

Simplicity 1690

By this point, my love for this pattern is very clear. Just scroll down to experience what I mean. After coming across a fabric I KNEW Grace would love I made her one of these magnificent tops.
   The colors in this fabric happen to be all of the colors Grace talked about when she was planning her wedding. Beige! Turquoise! Navy! Burgundy! When I saw this fabric in the clearance section at JoAnn's I grabbed it with all my life and hoarded it into my cart. MINE, I said.

Even though the fabric is on the thin side, the colors are beautifully saturated, especially the blues. Magical.

I did think a little about placement of the flowers, as I didn't want a big flower in the middle of the chest like some weird adult-sized toddler shirt. So, I went off-center on the front, which resulted in an even distribution of color.

I like the flower at the centers of the neckline, as I think it frames the face.

I used French seams on the shoulders. Love those French seams.

I gave Grace her shirt last night during our family vacation. She didn't try it on yet, but I'm counting on her to take a photo when she does so I can add it to those post! (ehhem, Grace!)

I also made one of these tops for my mom in a pretty emerald green. I'm aiming to get a photo of all 3 of us in our shirts. One day it will happen, so stay tuned.

Update! Grace sent me this photo this morning. It fits and it looks like she will wear it to work today!