Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Made! - McCall's 6553

Also known as the TN Cotton Blossom Dress!

Both of these fabrics I've had in my stash for quite a while.  I've always planned on making something for Grace with the mustard-colored cotton, and the faux leather is the same stuff I used on the straps for my Easter dress this year.  After husband and I moved I realized that I needed to use my stash, not just because it's fun but because that much fabric is HEAVY.

The Pattern

I used McCall's 6553 for this dress.  It's one of those "Fashion Star" patterns, but I don't really know what that means. I think it was a show?? I don't know - it appeared about the time I moved away and stopped paying for TV. 


This is the pattern envelope cover design - a high-low hem with extended shoulders that act as cap sleeves.  Since I used a printed cotton I knew I'd want to make the hem even rather than show the wrong side of my fabric.  In all, that was my main change to the pattern.

The Fabric

After a wash and dry in the machine this once stiff fabric became wearable and soft. Hooray!  
I purchased it in New Hampshire on a random trip to JoAnn's.  I never quite realized it before, but those Northeastern states are TINY!  I worked in a town in MA and could easily pop into New Hampshire for a trip to JoAnn's during my downtime. As a person from TN, a state that takes 9ish hours to drive across, the concept of going to a different state on a whim was crazy.  

This fabric reminds me of the lamps inside the Tennessee Theater, an Art Deco theater that was recenty refurbished in downtown Knoxville.  Inside the auditorium hang lamps that look like cotton. The Tennessee Theater is stunningly beautiful; even if you live nowhere close, you should take the virtual tour here

The TN Cotton Blossom Dress

Since I made this for my sister, I cut just a little smaller at the shoulders and didn't lengthen the torso, which is why this dress seems to be so short on me!

There are pockets on each side, which I stabilized using strips of selvedge so they don't stretch out over time. I'd actually never done that before, but after reading about it on several blogs, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm now proudly part of the club.

Besides ditching the high-low hem, my only other change to the pattern was to cut the back yoke of a contrasting fabric.  Mostly I did this because I just barely didn't have enough cotton to do it (darn you 54" width).  I figured the best route was to use the faux leather I was planning on using for the tie belt. I think it turned out well, and is actually so stable that it doesn't need a button at the top, so I just left that off.
Instead of applying interfacing to the yoke, I applied it to the facing, as this stuff is thick and melty.

oops! corner flipped under!  I suppose if you did it on purpose to both sides it really works, though.

The facings are understitched then slipstitched to the inside.

I'm excited to wrap this up and send it to Grace.  I found this perfect batch of notecards at Hobby Lobby that are spot-on to send with a handmade gift. 

5 1/2" x 4 1/4" Fabrique Cards & Envelopes 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" Fabrique Cards & Envelopes

I've gotten REALLY into all this crafty stuff. It's becoming a problem. Oh! I met a new neighbor yesterday. She knits. Maybe I'll have a buddy!!

I'm also into shoes.