Monday, July 28, 2014

PCR Vol. 2 - Vogue "Fall Collection" 2014

Alright, everybody.  Before you read this PCR about Vogue's latest collection I must direct you to this post, by Lauren of Lladybird.  For quite a while she has been comic relief about some of Vogue's befuddling designs, and her post about this very collection is no different.

Her blog is so visible that the company that makes Vogue patterns commented on her post! That's crazy! I guess they actually are paying attention.  I don't anticipate they'll do that here, but before I get going I do want to say that Vogue was a long-standing favorite of mine. Yeah, "was."  The better I've gotten at sewing the more I want to make clothes that fit well, not clothes that, well, are unflattering for the sake of design.  In many cases the pattern in question is intriguing, but is never something I would actually make.  I think I'm pretty open-minded about things, but maybe I just "don't get it."

I will say, though, that I don't have a blind champion position for any pattern maker, Big-4 or Indie.  If it's good it's good, if it's bad it's bad.  It's like music: just because it's by Beethoven doesn't mean you have to like it. Even Beethoven let out some stinkers.

But anyway, on to the roast.

Vogue 1416

V1416 V1416

This is just all kinds of wrong.  This chick's a model, and they made her look SO OLD and FRUMPY.  The sleeves are just out of control. You could hide, like... 5 baby monkeys in there.

I must mention that the designer of Vogue 1416 is Guy LaRouche.  I AM NOT CAPABLE of reading his name without thinking of Guy LeDouche from one of the best shows of all time: MXC Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

Vogue 1417


You can't tell from this picture, but she actually has a baby platypus up her sleeve.  It was the inspiration for this outfit.

Vogue 1415


This isn't a design I like, but it could be really elegant on the right person. 

Vogue 1413


I just don't get this.  I'm actually sad about that because I usually really like the Mizono designs in the Vogue collections.  I actually have a wrap top in my "short list" to make for the fall.  I won't be adding this, the Niagara Falls of ruffled necklines, to that list any time soon.

Vogue 1407

V1407 V1407

I want to like this but I can't get over the houndstooth and the fact that with a front so detailed the back is a boring shift with an exposed zipper. Bleh, Donna Karan.  I want people to watch me enter and watch me leave.

Vogue 1408

V1408 V1408

Hooray! A back with design! For some reason this makes me think of a fancy octopus.

Vogue 1409

V1409 V1409

Fabric inspiration: The Colors of Poo

But duuuuuude, the line drawing kicks some ass. In the right colors this could be really cool!
Line Art

Vogue 1404


Ralph Rucci, you are too freaking cool. I have almost every pattern you've released. They're set aside for when I'm ready for the challenge.

Line Art

Vogue 9040


umm...let's hope this is a re-release error from the early 90's.
Poop wall.

Vogue 9038


Check out the details. They actually want you to pay to make half a snuggie.

Vogue 9018


For those moment when you contemplate being a 4th grade teacher in the late 80's.  [Insert joke about poo and/or baby animals here.]

Vogue 9020


...does that even count?

Vogue 9039


Guys! Guys!! 
Vanilla Ice. 

Vogue 9045


Featured: venomous anemone-like organisms from outer space.  Interestingly, their venom comes in the form of sardonic wit, and is usually aimed at those wearing really stupid pieces of clothing.

Vogue 9043



I promise, promise, promise that I have been sewing.  This last project, which I finished THIS MORNING, was a 4-layer skirt to celebrate mine and husband's first year of marriage.  Yay! There's a post to come as soon as I get some pictures taken. :)