Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall 2014: Sewing Bucket List

So, fall has been here for a little while, and will actually be over frightfully soon, so in that light I'm a bit late sharing a "Sewing Bucket List." But, because I love sewing, here it goes anyway.

1. Halloween costumes
Y'all, these are in progress. Husband's vest is FINISHED. My bolero is FINISHED. I am feverishly working on the bustle and then last-minute cravate for husband. We are hosting a delightful haunted dinner party this Halloween, themed after Edgar Allan Poe's poem, The Raven. We're talking raven-themed cocktails, a decorated house, the whole shebang.  Naturally, we will be in Victorian garb. Here are the two patterns I'm using.




2. Long sleeve knit tops
With so many amazing knit patterns popping up everywhere and my reception of a serger from a complete stranger, I have to hop on the knit bandwagon. I have several projects in mind for winter. Here's a Vogue pattern I'd like to try.

3. Butterick 5814, a pattern by Gertie

I have a soft spot for beautifully constructed dresses. As for this lovely, she's underlined and features boning for the bodice.  Husband and I will go to PASIC, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in November, and I figure there will be some nice concert and dinner that will call for this dress. I love my fabric: it's that midnight navy that almost looks black but it's blue. :)

I have the hardest time finding pants. My slight pear shape makes me too shapely for a "straight" fit but not shapely enough for "curvy" fit, so I get stuck in the middle either buying the curvier (always promising myself that I'll adjust them) or just never buying new pants.  I am now in a trouble spot, as winter is nearing and the weight loss (YAY!) means my pants don't fit. I'm going to put my sewing obsession to good use this season.

5. Presents
I abhor buying Christmas presents. I'm making nearly all of them this year, and two of them are real warhorses, and will take MANY hours of planning and sewing. I can't tell you what they are or they wouldn't be proper presents. You'll just have to wait.

Late fall in WV feels like winter.  Last year we had about a week straight of negative temperatures! Brr.  Even when there isn't some kind of polar storm, it usually snows just enough to make driving on our 2-lane mountain road scary, so we end up stuck in the house quite a bit. Naturally, this just means that the winter sewing bucket list will be absurd.  I like my rural town: all I do is sew and practice. And eat. And drink beverages. ;)

Here's a teaser for that awesome Halloween dinner party we're having at the end of the week... Oh yeah, first snow of the year is supposed to be Halloween night... joy.