Sunday, November 9, 2014

Made! - a crochet jacket

I've always heard that the best way to learn how to knit or crochet is to try to make yourself a garment. Not a potholder, not a scarf, but a garment.

I think they were right. I've crocheted several scarves, and even a pair of socks (!), but knowing I wanted to wear this last project made me care more about all those details.  (Even so, I think there was a step in the instructions that I didn't quite understand. See below.)

I really underestimated how much yarn I purchased, and what should have been a hip-length jacket came out like this:

Back view with the jacket buttoned. Do you see those bubbles in the upper back? I think I didn't understand the instructions when I was stitching the top part.  WHAT ARE THOSE???

The shorter length doesn't bother me too much, to be honest. And once I realized I didn't have enough I went looking for more (discontinued color, GUHHHHHH), but after fruitless searching decided to find a flattering shorter length and cropped the thing with a row of slipstitches.  Though the design is meant to be closed and long, I kind of like the open and flappy(?) look.

The yarn is CARON Simply Silky in Victorian Rose.  I like the subtle sheen of it. With this particular pattern, I got to use buttons! If you know me you know I love buttons! These are made from coconut shells; aren't they pretty?

Closed view. It's cute, but a little dowdy.

Painted coconut shell buttons!!
All in all this was a modestly priced project. I got the yarn on clearance for $2/skein, and I paid like $7 for the book and maybe another $5 for my set of hooks. So, I made myself a pretty jacket for $18.  Well--- If I want to get really specific, the book contains several patterns and my hook set has like 6 hooks in it, so in that light the pattern was more like $1 and the hook $1.  A jacket for $9!  That works for me!!  Buttons were already in the stash because I LOVE BUTTONS.

A note about my pride about cost-efficiency------
I pride myself on making garments that fit and look expensive out of fabric and notions only bought on clearance.  My stash is getting out of control because I tend to anticipate my need based on what's super-cheap at the time.  What's that, you say? Interfacing is $1/yd?? I'll take 4 yards...of each one.  

Balancing this clearance/Red Tag obsession with my personal ethics about sourcing fabric gets tough sometimes.  There's a lot to say about that, but for now that's all I'll say about that. 

My next project, currently in a muslin stage on my sewing table, will use a pretty charmeuse I bought for like $3/yd over two months ago.  I have to get it done in about a week!! Back to my blissful sewing room I go...