Sunday, February 8, 2015

Made! - MishMash Scarf

Using some of the leftover yarn from last year's Christmas scarves and gloves, I crocheted myself a patchwork scarf.

I used one of the square motif patterns from Doris Chan's book, Convertible Crochet, which I have raved about previously.

Because I wanted to avoid a strictly planned color pattern, I wound up using the motif, double crochet, half-double crochet, and a petal stitch that I made up in the car while husband was driving but probably has a specific name...

The ombre effect of the darker yarn created a cool stripe effect at one of the ends.

color washed out because it's finally SUNNY OUTSIDE
The petals are actually part of the motif design - I've just abstracted them into rows across double crochet posts.  You can see the petal shapes arranged in a circle in the dark purple color in the left motif above.

I inserted rows of alternating double and half-double crochet stitches between motifs.  I didn't keep track or count them, which was so nice! I would just crochet until I ran out of a color and then I'd switch. What a nice reprieve from my usual counting and obsessive measuring. (My other ongoing project is a pair of jeans. JEANS. So...there's been lots of measuring.)

Here's the center of the scarf, which ends up becoming the back once it's draped over the shoulders.

I'm pleased with this quick project. It was a good way to use little bits of leftover yarn and to make something for myself that I will use immediately. It's cold!

I also made a scarf for a coworker out of the same gold yarn I used to make my sister a sweater. The gold scarf features a single line of motifs with tassels on the ends. Very classic.

I shall hopefully return later this week with a newly finished pair of skinny jeans. I'm enjoying the detailed topstitching requirements thus far. Let's hope that energy sticks around for the whole project!