Friday, August 28, 2015

The New Sewing (and Marimba!) Room

We moved.

We stripped wallpaper.

We painted. All the things.

I (finally) used a drill by myself to hang floating shelves.

I found a way to showcase some super cool art from my sister and her husband.

Here are some photos of the way things looked before:

I set everything up as quickly as possible, not thinking about effective space usage.

Note the oak baseboards and window trim.  Luckily, the windows themselves are rather new, so we won't have to do any fixing for a while.  (Sorry about the beer on the table, mom...)
Top range of the marimba with a clear view of the wallpaper border.  I love green, but the walls of this room were a weird, nauseating greenish yellow. bleh. 

And here are some photos of how it looks now!
walls: Behr eggshell in Ash Blue
trim: Sherwin Williams in Snowdrift
boxes on the shelf contain my favorite family heirloom patterns; above them, art from my sis and her hubs

In front of the window: refurbished Singer sewing table (from sis and hubs) which holds the serger (from a sweet lady in my mom's hometown)
Bass end of the marimba, with an ironing station in the back corner
Family heirloom chair in the bottom left, from my grandparents (estimate to be almost 100 years old)

top range of the marimba, with guitar and "mood lights" in the corner
repertoire basket, mallet tub (and random box of crap) against the wall
You can see the hallway...yet to be painted or updated...

We love our new house! Even more now that we are really making it ours.  This sewing/marimba room is my little sanctuary. :)