Monday, September 21, 2015

Made! - Papercut Clover


I was so excited to make this dress.
The pattern envelope features a perfect amount of drape.

But somehow...this?

I bought this pretty rayon challis in Utah while visiting my in-laws. That's how amazing they are - they took me fabric shopping! I love the deep, saturated colors. I'm glad I have a little left over for a shell tank or something equally small, as I'm not sure I'll be keeping this dress.

I can't figure it out - did I cut the wrong size? I followed the envelope's suggestion. Clearly, I should have stay-stitched EVERYTHING, even though I didn't see that in the instructions. (Maybe I should go check...) Or, sadly, maybe this dress doesn't work for my proportions.

I was telling husband - "I don't think I like it."
Speaking of, I think they are waaaaaaaaay off on me. The insets, made of lace here, should be higher. Maybe the arm seams could come in and the circumference at the bottom of the sleeve should widen considerably.

This is how I feel while wearing this dress.

I know what you might say - well, laurel, this is why people make muslins. Yes, it's why. But! I make muslins for fitted garments, not for loose ones. The entire point of wearing a loose garment is that it can't go wrong because everything looks awesome when you belt it, right?  Evidently not this dress, at least not for me.

All that being said, I do like the back.

So, just because I don't think this looks good on me doesn't mean it won't look pretty on a lady with different proportions. I already have a list of people to potentially pass this on to. :)

The insides are all serged, so there should be no fraying or loose ends. It is short, but maybe that's just because when it comes to length, I'm a prude. (And something about wearing heels with a short dress can make it seem that much shorter, at least on me.)

At the time of writing this, I've already made a racerbank shell with the leftover material. AND I LOVE IT. At least a failed garment left enough fabric to make something that I really, really like. I'm looking forward to photographing it so I can share it with you. But in the meantime, here's the pattern I used - it's McCall's 6333, view B.

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