Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Made! - Simplicity 1589 present

Only someone obsessed with sewing would decide to make a top for a person they have never before met in person.  Is it weird? Hi, nice to meet you, umm... I'm getting good at guessing sizes by looking at photos and since I Facebook-stalked you since we're basically family now I uhh...made you a shirt.

Some would be creeped out.

Hopefully that's not the case with my new sister-in-law, whom I will meet for the first time this Christmas.  We are spending the holiday with her and my brother-in-law. :)

sorry...messy sewing room photo.
In defense of my weird gift-giving, I did choose a pattern that has almost no fitting besides a basic shape, so the margin of error is pretty wide.  Plus, if she hates it she can donate it and someone out there will get use out of it.
I chose Simplicity 1589, a pattern I've had and meant to make a long time ago for myself out of this beautiful blue silk I've been terrified to cut into...

 I chose View B, which is the pink version on the pattern envelope.  Something about that square cut-out of View A is really weird to me...it just seems like somebody said we can't make a normal tank top, uhh...cut out a square.  Looking around on the internet, many more people have sewn the cut-out version, but I'm sticking with my opinion on the matter.

I chose a beautiful hunter green rayon challis from my local fabric store. (I have one of those now!!)

I'm getting better and better at bias bindings! Check out the neck and armholes!

Since my sister-in-law hails from WI and is a Packers fan, I thought something with hunter green would be appropriate. :)

back view

I think it's beautiful how the wrapped back falls, especially in this fabric.  Rayon challis is perfect for such a design.  I added a safety pin at the bottom hem so it will stay in place a little better.  She can take it out or leave it in if she wants to.

I hope she likes it! And if she doesn't, I hope she donates it to someone who will.  If she decides to keep it hopefully she will send me a picture for the blog! :)