Saturday, December 26, 2015

Made! - All the stuff I made but forgot to photograph

It was another Christmas of making at the Creative Laurels house.

It was not another Christmas of remembering to take pictures of making at the Creative Laurels house.


So, I will just catalog what was done. Except I did remember to photograph the scarf for my brother, but they aren't great photos, which is why they don't really count. 

Ok, here we go.

Scarf Present

I taught myself how to knit, which is an adventure not for the faint of heart. Too many times I looked around the interwebs and saw beautiful, beautiful things being made by people out there just like me. I thought, Laurel, you tend to not like sweaters, though they are practical items...maybe if you made your own you would like them more.  Though this is true, knitting is hard, ya'll.

This scarf for my brother was my first project.

terrible flash, I know, I'm cringing for you
It's very simple, and a design I made up based off a more complicated one in the tome I purchased called Idiot's Guide to Knitting

Here's a better photo of the texture and color.

I didn't decide on a length before starting, I just made it as long as the amount of yarn I had.

Hat Present

For my brother-in-law I knit a hat in the round.  This means you use circular needles instead of two long ones, which I found to be much, much easier than the first way.  I'd like to say that I made up this design too, but I'd by lying. Technically I embraced my mistakes based on a design that actually exists. C'est la vie. It's at least very comfortable, and I wanted to keep it. 

Sleepytime Presents

I have another brother-in-law that travels a lot.  I have no idea if he has a neck pillow for flying, so I thought I'd make one! I used a free pattern from BurdaStyle to do it.  (Now that I look, it isn't free anymore.)
The top is a thick interfaced knit, so hopefully it will be comfortable. 

I actually made a second neck pillow for my Dad, as he has this ability to fall asleep anywhere. Anywhere.  We are similar in that if we read 3 pages while sitting up in bed we will soon be asleep. Rather than hurting his neck as his head falls forward, maybe he will read with the neck pillow so that when he falls asleep his head will be supported rather than falling all willy-nilly. (And maybe he will snore less... Merry Christmas, Mom.)

Speaking of Mom, for her I made some adorable flannel pajama pants. They're raspberry pink with cream polka dots.  I used McCall's 6658 as a place to start.


I added about 3 inches of leg length by adding cuffs to the pattern, and made some adjustments up top so they will hopefully fit well.  My mom is tall, and her height is in her legs, so I hope these pajamas will actually fit her and help her stay warm this winter.  Plus, if she's warm it means the house doesn't have to be kept so hot. (Merry Christmas, Dad.)

I really enjoyed making all of these gifts, even if I forgot to photograph them.
I do, however, look forward to getting through some of my sewing queue, which I had to put on hold for the last month or so. :)

I'm excited to make some more things for husband, like the Thread Theory Jedediah Pants and Strathcona Henley.