Monday, January 11, 2016

Dropped Stitches

The moment has arrived.

Others chronicle it on their blogs, these realizations of sewing horror.

While unpacking from our recent trip abroad, I found myself looking into my closet, pleased with myself and my menagerie of makes. (Nearly 100% of my skirts and dresses are now handmade!)  Pretty colors, interesting silhouettes abounding.

But as I looked closer I realized that there are makes in there that I haven't worn since I finished them - and a few I haven't worn at all!  They were great projects for learning a technique or practicing fabric placement, but despite my efforts to only make things I'll wear, they haven't had their public christenings.

Reflection on what I tend to wear led to me realize that I love to make fitted dresses but tend to wear those that are a slightly looser silhouette.  I love the challenge of a tailored fit, but prefer to be comfortable when running around campus and sitting/standing at the piano all day.
So, that's realization number 1.
Work clothes should have more ease. 

I've made plenty of warm-weather skirts that don't get as much wear as anticipated. They aren't too short, though they are above knee length.  I don't wear them as much because they are so colorful that I have to plan what I'll wear with them.
So, that's realization number 2.

Make more coordinating basics.

Cold weather baffles my dressing.  I hate the feeling of tucking long sleeves into long sleeves.  Wool and my sensitive skin do not get along, so sweaters and I tend to avoid one another.  Almost everything I make is sleeveless because I constantly shift from hot/cold throughout the day. For this reason, cardigans are a staple in my wardrobe. 
And, if I'm being truthful, I make sleeveless garments because I hate setting in sleeves. 
So, that's realization number 3.

Work on your sleeve technique this winter.

To work towards a fully handmade wardrobe whose collection will be equally worn, I've set my eye on a few patterns.

For more ease
V1316.  Great for work and stash-busting.
V1316, Misses' Dress
M6952.  I bought a striped crepe in Mexico last year that would make a beautiful maxi dress.
M6952, Misses' Dresses and Belt

More coordinating basics
To start, I'm going to make some jeans.  I made a pair of Ginger jeans before, but they are a little too skinny for my taste. (and current shape...sigh)

Sleeve technique
I've got a good handle on sleeves in knit fabrics, so I'll focus on wovens.
B5981 calls to the 1940's, and I think the raised back neckline will work well in the cold.
B5951, Misses' Dress

M6645 is another great stash-buster, and a good chance to practice print coordination.
M6645, Misses' Dresses
V1404 would make a great Easter dress. I have some coral linen I've been hoarding FOREVER.
V1404, Misses' Dress

Perhaps a jacket is in order as well.  I have a great out-of-print Vogue pattern that would work perfectly.

Here's to making 2016 a year of special yet practical makes!