Saturday, January 9, 2016

Made! - Newcastle Cardigan

There's a bit of a menswear trend happening at the Creative Laurels house.  This Newcastle Cardigan was completed in November but is just now making its way to the blog. 

Husband is a good model.

I've previously made some shirts for husband, as evidenced by posts here and here.  Now that I have a button-up template that really works for him, I've decided to venture into other garments, beginning with this cardigan and ending with a part of pants. 

I'm a fan of many of the patterns that Thread Theory has to offer.  There aren't many menswear patterns floating around, especially not from the independent companies out there.  They've created and filled a niche.  They even have one pattern for women, the Camas Blouse, which is beautiful. (Design more like this, please!!) 


Anyway, back to the cardigan. 

I'm happy with the fit, and made only slight adjustments to get there. I basically cut a size S, grading to a M through the shoulders and chest.  (I'm wondering if the patterns are all a little slim through the looking at the website this seems to be the case. Something to keep in mind!)  

I chose to use brown faux suede on the front yokes only.  I had enough to also put some across the back, but I worried it wasn't flexible enough to handle stretching and movement. 

Something new for this project was working with interfacing designed for knits.  It probably isn't a specialty item, but it took me FOREVER to figure out what to buy at the fabric store.  

You interface the collar, yokes, band, and facings, all of which I did. 

The knit material is basically appropriate for sweatpants, but I thought it would make a good trial run. The price was right, so there ya go.  If husband wears this alot I will eventually make him one of nicer material.

Husband was a good sport and agreed to let me take photos of him late in the evening the day after we returned from Australia.  Trying to be productive with a 19-hour time change is weird, ya'll. 

A favorite detail of this piece is the buttons. I found them at our farmer's market at a booth called The WoodArt Studio.  Alongside beautiful handcrafted salad bowls, clocks, and other things were these buttons, which are so cool!

Today I will cut material and perhaps begin stitching up another menswear project. Husband's birthday is in a few weeks, so we must get to work!