Sunday, January 31, 2016

Made! - New Look 6343 present

Since I just posted about making this dress for myself, I won't go into much detail here about the one I made for my sister for Christmas.

I've had this fabric for years, always thinking I would make myself something, and then a few days ago it hit me that it is actually much more suited to my sister's coloring and preferred palette. The decision to make her a dress was easy! And since I was already infatuated with New Look 6343, it took no time to decide on a pattern.

For this version I decided to add cuffs to the 3/4 length sleeves, which will hopefully help keep her warm in the coming months. Here's a photo of the cuffs.  Have you noticed that if your elbows are covered, it seems like you might as well be wearing long sleeves?? Just me? Ok.

Just like for my version, I added shaping at the waist.
I will toot my own horn for a bit about how proud I am of the neck binding and how flat it lays.  This is also a nice shot of the armscye detail.

Arm detail in the lower right corner.

And lastly, here's a photo of the back. It lays really well and I managed to avoid awkward print placement with that weird brown splotch in the print...

While we're on the topic of print, I love this one but phewww it was a challenge to make sure there weren't accidental...highlights. ;)

I hope she likes it! I look forward to receiving a photo from her.