Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Menswear womp-womp

Remember how excited I was to make some pants for husband? Yeah...

It is no secret to me that husband's measurements make finding RTW pants nearly impossible, so I thought altering a pattern would be pretty easy. No...

I figured that between some math and redrawing some curves the process would be easy, but no dice. Thinking that the apparent straight cut of the Jedediah pants by Thread Theory would be a good starting-off point, I made a quick muslin of the top portion, thinking that was where most of the alternations would need to be. No...

Not to accuse the company of misrepresenting their pattern, but I was surprised to see how slim cut these pants actually are, especially below the knee.  The hips were still too big, even after altering them (and yes, I cut the appropriate size).  I realized I should have made a full-length muslin, as there were major issues all the way down the leg, starting at the crotch seam and going all the way down. There was way too much fabric up top. way too little at the ankle.

It's been a while since I've had such a dud of a sewing project. There have been flops due to wrong fabric choice or wrong cut for my body type, but never a project that was so far gone in every single way. Honestly, it's probably good for the ego. Never want to get too confident, I suppose.

If you'd like to take a look at the failed pants, sorry to disappoint, but that's not happening. It's that bad. The plan is to use them as a muslin now, so I'll be drawing all over them and drafting my own pants pattern once they fit the husband decently.

It's so frustrating when this happens, isn't it? Perhaps the muslin fabric was too different from the fashion fabric? Perhaps I just missed all these issues? Perhaps I should have measured all the way down the leg rather than assuming the cut would be similar to the envelope model. I know, I know that bodies are different, but these pants are slim cut, not straight, and I wish the drawing showed that more clearly.

I was hoping that by using an independent company instead of a Big 4 would give me a more accurate fit with less easy built in to the design. I supposed I got what I asked for, huh?