Friday, June 6, 2014

Made! - Simplicity 1543a

Introducing one of the most comfortable, slouchy, lounge-y makes EVER.

The Pattern

Simplicity 1543 is a casual pullover designed by Patty Reed.  Looking through her current collection for Simplicity, she seems to always use loose silhouettes that are thigh-length.  I love my comfy clothes, and chose this pattern because of its open neckline.
I hate lots of fabric up near my face and certainly don't need any help trying to define my shoulders, so this open, sloping shape was the clear choice for me.

Design Details

The faced, topstitched neckline is square in front and round in the back.  I like the stark difference between the neck facing and the body of the top; I'm happy with my choice of a thin, white knit for this make.  The topstitching (I think there are 6 rows??) gives the neckline support as well as interest. Well done, Patty.

You can tell in the above photo how thin the fabric is, as you can barely spot my camisole through the pullover. 

The entire top, save for the side seams, is sewn with welt seams, which make for really clean lines throughout. I've recently become hyper aware of the inside of my garments. All it takes to make them look beautiful on the inside is time and thread. I'm happy to supply both. 

Here's a great shot of the arm/shoulder seam. Again, the thin fabric makes the seams stand out, which I totally adore (for now, at least.)  Anyway, check out that ruched sleeve!  It's simple yet very striking in an otherwise very simple design.

The construction of the sleeve (which begins at the elbow) was really clear: hem edge, make drawstrings, sew casings, attach drawstrings at top edge, then welt seam to the bodice. I LOVE working on details apart from the main garment - it's soooo much easier to mentally handle all those presses and tiny seams.

This photo shows the soft drape of this fabric.  For me, this design is meant for a warm-weather jacket, as I can't imagine making a loose silhouette like this out of a thicker fabric. I'd prefer not to visually gain 35 pounds, ahthankyou.  

The pattern comes with a size range of XXS-XXL.  I cut a size S, and made only one modification.
I took a significant amount of fabric out of the underarm curve.  For me, this is loose but proportionate to my body. I wish I took a photo of the non-altered version, but it was just awful. I could have taken flight like a flying squirrel.

I'm very happy with the finished garment! Just the right amount of "breeziness" in a lightweight knit that's perfect for an evening walk or a morning yoga practice. Om.