Sunday, August 17, 2014

Made! - Unblogged Summer Projects

It has been a very busy summer! It isn't over--- technically--- but classes at the university start back tomorrow, and my drafting of syllabi and lectures certainly marks the close of the summer wardrobe, the summer mentality, and the summer schedule.

I've made many garments these last months, some for myself, some for others. And many have gone unblogged! Here are a few of the stragglers...

Simplicity 1543a

This one is for my friend Amy in L.A. She does Bikram yoga, you guys.  I did it with her - Once. Gave me a migraine so I said never again.  But she does it diligently.  She also plays the bagpipes, English horn, and oboe. She's cool. 

When she saw this photo of my white lounge-y pullover she said she'd pay me to make her one. Preposterous. I have a fabric problem, and, coincidentally, 5 yards of ridiculousy soft grey knit sitting in my sewing room, so I made her one.

I changed the top-stitching detail around the neck. Instead of 6 lines, I sewed 4. I wanted the nice drape of the smooth knit to be noticeable at the neck and down the front, which is why there is no top-stitching at the square neck.

Here are two photos of the inside, featuring the neck facing and the welt seams throughout, focusing on the sleeve.


Yay!! No unfinished seam allowances! I love it when the inside of a garment is a polished as the outside.

This is the INSIDE! So clean.

McCall's 6333 - view B


The pattern is now out of print. Honestly, it's no wonder with the really horrible grey pants. I bought the pattern for the racerback tank and the little jacket (View A).  Forgot to take a picture and now I'm too tired. But! I made a black, hammered satin racerback tank. Very cool, and just shiny enough to perform in.

Simplicity 2512

This isn't a new make, but is instead a quick alteration of a previous gifted project, again to my friend Amy. :)

Simplicity 2512 is an adorable Cynthia Rowley design for a high-waisted skirt with pockets.  This pretty linen has a lining underneath; the alteration I had to make involved repositioning the linen layer, as it stretched out with hang and wear. I had to undo the hem binding, make the adjustment, and then reattach it.

I LOVE the material Amy picked for the pocket lining.

And I'm proud of the binding at the top of the waistband. Check out that curved seam!

This pattern is one of my favorites because it's so simple but can look so CUTE! When my dear friend Stephanie asked if I would teach her to sew we made one of these skirts. Here we are years ago in TN about halfway through making her skirt. :)

And as I said, I've made myself a few.


As a bodysuit, I've made a seafoam green Nettie. No photos...but I wear it all the time.

As a dress:

I've worn this dress to two weddings, one in Boston and one in NYC. Both of two very special couples. :)  I changed the pattern a bit for the dress.  I widened the shoulder straps, drafted a boatneck, added a tie across the back, and added width to the skirt - to make it better for dancing. ;) 

Otherwise, I used the 3/4 sleeve, low back version of the dress. Every time I've worn it people are so sweet with their comments. I bought this fabric while in Mexico with my husband.  He's so wonderful; he carried the big bolts through the store while I shopped. But, we did have a compromise: I got 25 minutes, he would carry, and then it was back to enjoying the country, not walking around fabric stores.


Not much to say about these.  I made them without a book, just strung some beads on a pin and secured it to a hook. The large bead has a pretty lilac sheen to it. It was hard to capture in a photo.

I just finished a dress for tomorrow's first day of classes (a little lame, I know.) Post coming about it this week!!