Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Made! - a crochet Momma's Day present

As soon as I saw the color of this yarn I thought of my mom. She loves raspberry pink, as she calls it.

Red Heart brand - Rouge pink

I started working on the Buttercup Jacket about a month ago when husband and I flew to Utah to visit family and attend his TEDx presentation. (He rocked it, by the way.) 

The pattern for Buttercup by DROPS Design is available for free online here, published by Garn Studio.  Here's the model photo.

It's at least a 3-season garment, which my practical self finds incredibly appealing. You could wear it from spring to early fall, and perhaps a little in winter for those randomly warm days.  My version is a bit different, but has the same overall effect.

I took this picture before blocking it, which explains the wonkiness of the sleeves and center front.

I omitted the button closure at the bust, for a few reasons. One - don't buttons at the bust always find a way to gape open awkwardly?? and Two - without my mom near me to try it on, I wasn't about to guess as to what size would be best for her.  Though we are close to the same size because my mother is a superhuman despite the fact that she has birthed three children, we have fit preferences. :)

The back is really beautiful.  I like how the looser chain of the top bodice forms to the shape of the back.

Another change I made was to not seam together the sleeve cuffs. They seemed a little too snug to me that way, and considering this jacket can be worn during humid summer evenings I thought the more air, the better. You can see in the photo above that I just left them open.

I'm also a big fan of the flower pattern that makes up the lower bodice.

A word of warning, though, to anyone who wants to use this pattern. Unless you are using the exact yarn specified, you will notice rather immediately that the stitch count creates a garment that is much larger than it is supposed to be.  I ran into this, even though my yarn is supposedly the same breadth.  When I clicked into the Comments section I learned quickly that I was not alone. So, if you're interested in making this pattern you will want to rely on measurements and the recording of your own stitch counts rather than the instructions. 

All in all the design is simple, though. The center front is finished with two rows of single crochet stitches. I could have extended that around the lower hem but I like the slight scalloped look, and I think my mom will, too. 

I wish I thought to take some photos post-blocking, but I was too excited to wrap up this gift. You'll just have to take my word for it that the center front is straight and the sleeve cuffs are nice and flowy!

Happy Momma's Day!