Monday, August 17, 2015

Made! - Simplicity 2756

I assume you recognize this fabric; it's the same as my FrankenGinger shorts that I posted about not long ago.  With just under a yard of fabric left, I figured why not make a miniskirt?  After all, the fabric is nice and sturdy, perfect for a bottom weight.

photo taken at the beautiful campus of JMU

I was going to practice piano at the music building and thought I could sport my new skirt with my Boston Conservatory t-shirt.  A very nice gentleman on staff asked me if I was a freshman.  Ha!

I don't love the fit of the skirt.  I had to add width at the hip [le sigh] and distributed it all the way around: the front has 3 sections; the back, 2.  I get so frustrated when the curve of a garment is beautiful as I'm sewing but then looks funny on my frame.  I experienced that with this skirt to an extent. Luckily the print is wild enough that it masks some of that, aside from the "snugness" that is visible on the front.

It looks pretty great from the side, though, with a sly invisible zip that nobody is going to notice.

I'll admit it: this print is not flattering. But I love it, so I've made two garments with it.  In fact, I thought it may be one of those makes that cheers me up in the winter months, so I drafted a lining to add to the inside, that way it won't catch strangely over tights.

I also lengthened the waistband facing slightly, which contributes to the flattering side view.  (It's like the skirt does some sucking in for me.)

Sorry for the crappy interior photo; it was late and I was tired...

The invisible zip curves a bit on the inside, but it is somehow doing it comfortably, so I decided to leave it alone.

One of these days I will be able to draft changes that don't create surprising messes like the one above, but until then I will keep troubleshooting.

Here's one last photo of a gorgeous building at JMU.  

In other news, the commission dress is coming along quite nicely! It's all done except for the hem, and I'm satisfied with how it has turned out. I sent a photo today to the lovely lady it's meant for and she really likes it. 
I'll make sure to share it here before shipping it to her in Virginia Beach!!