Sunday, April 24, 2016

Made! - M6613

Ya'll, matching plaid is definitely not my favorite thing about sewing. Nonetheless, this garment turned out well! I looove the relaxed fit - I can play marimba and piano without it pulling!

I found this fabric - a lightweight flannel - on clearance at my local fabric store.  At the time our temps were still in the 40s, so...hence the lack of hesitation purchasing such a warm cloth.

The colors are beautiful! So saturated and bold - they look good with white, denim, black, and probably other colors that I happen to not own.  

Bias yoke!

I kept the length of my wearable muslin, blogged about here, but I added some width to the lower half of the front pieces to make room for my hips. 
In fact, many changes were made to the pattern after the first muslin was complete. 

- add 5/8" to sides at lower front, tapering to waist
- remove 2 1/4" of sleeve length
- remove 1/4" height from the collar stand
- remove 1/2" from each yoke shoulder, back armscye seam
- increase sleeve height
- raise each armhole 1/2"
- narrow the sleeve by 1/4"

Interestingly, I did not add length to the torso of this pattern. Perhaps that's because it's so gender-neutral? Not sure.  

At the suggestion of a recent article in Sew News - thanks, Nana, for the subscription :) -  all collar and collar stand pieces are interfaced for crisp lines, as opposed to just one of each.  Since the collar buttons were going to be omitted for this shirt, a crisp collar was an absolute must.

Crisp collar and matching pocket greatness.

All inside edges are finished as French seams simply because I'm in the habit of doing them. Next time I make a shirt for myself I'll use bound seams, though. 

Button color was a hard choice for this shirt. I couldn't decide between white, tan, blue, or navy, but it's obvious where things settled in that regard, I suppose.

I really like this shirt styled with white jeans or capris.  It helps it fit into the colorful seasons ahead. (Though summer is my favorite season and I'm really looking forward to it, I'm excited to wear this shirt with some jeans and cute brown boots in the fall!) 

Next project: a Mother's Day present for momma!!