Sunday, June 19, 2016

Made! - Performance Jumpsuit

Never thought I'd be one to ever wear or make a jumpsuit, but here I am - donning a garment I designed and completed almost a month ago.

The pants are from a Vogue knit pattern I've used previously to make a pair of performance pants.  They're made of the same material as this jumpsuit, and I perform in them and wear them to work. Nobody knows they are as comfortable as pajamas.

The bodice is made of two overlapping rectangles that form a wrap front.  I'm a fan of this design because it's incredibly comfortable and rather conservative from the front, but the back is nearly open, keeping me from getting too hot.  Stage lights can get really, really warm, so this is a plus! 

If you're wondering about whether or not the top will stay secure while playing, I wondered about that, too.  I wore this for two multi-hour practice sessions and am happy to report that not only did it stay up, but it didn't budge at all! 

There was some blue knit in my stash leftover from another project, so I decided to tack it onto the bodice wrap as a fun detail.  As much as I love black, sometimes it's nice to break it up a little bit. 

There are innumerable ways to tie the bodice, but here are some I've discovered that I like.

Halter with centered knot (ala loin cloth)

One shoulder with midriff cutouts

Cap sleeves

Back of cap sleeve version

Looking at these photos is a learning experience in what neckline and bodice styles are most flattering on me. I think the halter, though that's the intended design, is my least favorite on my shoulders.

Thanks to husband for taking pictures. :)