Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Made! - Self-drafted tulle skirt and Nettie bodysuit

Ya'll, it's been a year of weddings.  Husband and I have already attended 4, so naturally I had to make a new outfit for each.

Through the last few years of sewing I've figured out what silhouettes I like, what my style is.  But then there are moments like a few months ago when I decided that I needed to make a tulle skirt. Why? No idea. I spend my days in yoga pants, comfy dresses, and easy skirts - tulle is a little high maintenance. Add to it the fact that the tulle is mostly pink and it's like I don't know who I am anymore.

The inspiration came from the trim I used as the waistband.  It's a heavy linen with a beautiful embroidered design.  I decided that it should be the focus of the skirt.  The color of the tulle and bodysuit both come from the embroidery.

Layers (16!) of medium pink and apricot tulle are layered to achieve the color I wanted.  A quick gathered rectangle served as a lining.  Though I used the machine to attach the tulle to the waistband, the center back seam is sewn by hand with invisible thread.  Very time-consuming. Closure is achieved by snaps in the lining and buttons on the waistband.

Speaking of - check out those buttons! I've had them for years, waiting for the right project.

The Nettie bodysuit is made of some cashmere knit I found on sale at my local fabric shop. It is unbelievably soft and comfortable.  I learned that I need to shorten the armscye on this pattern considerably, as there was originally so much fabric that it bunched in a way that I couldn't just leave. So, after some creative pleating, I would up with this design, which not only shortens the armscye, but provides some interest and fits the style of the outfit.

Other changes I made to the pattern:
- lower the back neckline
- lengthen the sleeves by an inch

I think I'll make another post showing how I made the tulle skirt without a pattern, should anybody be interested! Part of me wants to make another one in black - what an interesting juxtaposition of a feminine fabric in a strong color!