Thursday, October 13, 2016

Made! - Butterick 6240

 Butterick 6240 perfectly matched my desire to make a season-and work-appropriate dress.  I made view A, but included the cap sleeves from view B to make it work.

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The front drape across the bodice is really soft and lovely, and perfectly suited the Italian cotton I purchased from my local fabric store.

I bought the entire rest of the bolt (I think a little under 2 yards), and barely had enough for this dress.  I took the print and cut it up, placing my favorite tones and patterns near my face and the others farther from. I love the navy, teal, and gray, but the yellow not so much, so it ended up primarily on the back:

I interfaced along the center back seam for the zipper, and found myself wondering why I haven't always been doing it.  New technique! Yes!!

My dress form is hanging a little wonky - I promise the dress is straight. :) I really like the gray at the back of the right shoulder.

Here's a close-up, as I'm also really proud of these sleeve caps!!

Look at that smooth sleeve cap! Yes!!!
For good measure, here's a side view.  The only thing I'd change about this dress is trying to get a better blend of the print from the front to back at the side seam.  It's a little drastic as it is.

The dress is fully lined with typical, affordable lining fabric.  The plaid fabric was bought at the same time as the Italian cotton, and happily complements it (even if I'm the only person who sees it!)

Though the bodice lining is slipstitched to the waistband all the way across, the skirt lining was attached at the seam minus the last 2 inches on each side by the zipper: those I slipstitched once the zipper was in place. 

I'll make this dress again, and take the time to make some extreme changes to the back pieces.  There aren't darts or pleats, so you want the piece to be "just right." I'll need to take out almost two inches across the back! I've got some time, though, as I'll save the next version for spring. :)