Friday, October 7, 2016

Made! - Vintage Simplicity 9332

It's probably safe to say that most folks don't interact much with their first grade teacher once they leave elementary school.  But we all know how social media has changed the ways we connect with one another, allowing us to keep too many tabs on others' life events, not to mention render the classic high school reunion all but useless.

But sometimes it's delightfully surprising what happens, like when my first grade teacher, Mrs. Worth, and I became friends on Facebook.  Truth be told, she has always reminded me of my mom, probably because they look alike.  I found out that she, too, enjoys sewing, and had many a pattern that needed a new home.

I am that home!

She was nice enough to drop them off with my parents, who delivered them to me on a recent visit.  There was a whole mix of styles in the box, many from the 70's, which - if you recall a different pattern collection gift from family - nicely compliment my collection from the 50's and 60's.  My aunt often mails patterns, too, which are usually 80's and 90's. So...costume designers, hit me up. Ha!

Anyway, one of the cute and practical patterns was for something called a scooter skirt.  It's basically a skort (skirt with shorts underneath).  An added detail is a tab with D-ring closure.  The pattern is drafted for a 24 inch waist, which I haven't had since middle school and needed to adjust to fit my current size. ;)

I used a pretty purple zipper because sometimes you have to rebel against matchy-matchy.

The fabric is a stretchy gray denim that I originally planned for another pair of Ginger shorts.  In hindsight, it's a bit too stretchy for this pattern, but it does make this make incredibly comfortable, even on a 10-hour drive! Ask me how I know...

I wore this out to a concert the day I finished it, and it was very comfortable! Husband and I went out for a drink afterwards, and rather than having to wiggle into a hightop chair in a short skirt I could just step right on up there, no worries! Yay, shorts! I must admit, as someone who moves a lot and isn't always the poster-child for graceful etiquette, these are good for me.

Rather than use D-rings for the tab I just tacked it down with a button that I've had for years. I love it!

See that LooCat tail in the background? She likes to help Momma sew...

I also tacked down the facing to the darts and seam allowances, making the inside very clean.

Thanks, Mrs. Worth, for sharing your patterns with me!