Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Made! - Simplicity 1541 and 1690, New Look 6343

Here they are, the last of my winter makes.

These were sewn for different occasions, from a special concert to Easter Sunday.

New Look 6343

Here's a pattern I've made twice already, once for me and once for my sister. Here is a winter verison, made up in a really comfy sweater knit I purchased at Ragtime Fabrics, my local store (that's only about a mile from my house). 

welcome to our living room!
I didn't worry too much about stripe matching except on the side seams. I wish I'd thought through the sleeves a bit more, but at least the sleeves match each other, even if they don't match the main part of the dress. 

I'm very happy with the result of my neck binding, though. I also edgestitched the armscye using a tiny zig-zag stitch.

Simplicity 1690

This pattern needs no further discussion here on the blog, considering there are previous makes - some blogged, several unblogged.  This version was for husband's solo recital at the university. I accompanied him on his Marimba Concerto no. 2 and played Jacob TV's Body of Your Dreams.  You can watch a video of me playing that piece here, but it's from a different concert.

I used some leftover fabric from a previous gift to my sister - and I looooove it. I added little purposefully messy cuffs on the sleeves for interest.  The sleeves are also lengthened by an inch so the fabric has a chance to drape nicely over the arm.

For the concert, I paired this top with my concert skirt, previously blogged about here.  This skirt is a TNT for concert days!

Simplicity 1541

This was my first time using one of the AmazingFit patterns, and I must admit that this skirt fits really well.  I made View C and followed the cutting and sizing instruction for the "Curvy" pattern. The main difference is that there are four darts in the back rather than the standard two.

I used less than a yard of fabric to make this, which asserts this pattern's place as one of the most amazing EVER.
Here's a close-up of the front princess seams and waistband.

I cut a size 12, used standard seams, and took out a tiny bit of length out of the center front to prevent the waistband from sagging. (I take this to mean that all of my curves are on my sides and in the back...lol)

There's a center back zip, and all edges are serged to prevent fraying.  To keep as much length as possible I used a scrap as hem facing, and I like the little detail and pop of color that can sometimes be seen, depending on how I move.

 Rather than slipstitching the waistband facing, I pressed under the edge and stitched in the ditch on the right side of the garment, catching the facing as I went.  It's my new favorite method.

Currently Sewing

Right now I'm working on a muslin for a button-up shirt for myself.  After making so many for my husband, I decided it was my turn! I'm learning a lot about my own shape, as well as where I want the ease to be.  I avoid RTW button-ups because the ease is never in the right place for me. I hope to remedy that through this muslin process!